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777 is a multidisciplinary practice where Apa Itz, a Chilean-Belgian Aymara Artist/Designer, explores the different realms of luxury.

Apa has worked extensively in fashion, photography, Holistic healing arts and business development over the past 10 years, which now gives him a strong vision. He advises various brands/individuals in developing a new sales strategy in the international market.

He lives in Paris and commutes between Antwerp, Amsterdam and New York. Furthermore, he has networked with other artists and built an extensive network that now seems to lead to wonderful synergies – be it parties, business meetings, business deals, styling, shoots, card reading or whatever the artist decides to create.

We invite you to discover this visionary artist’s finds on our website and enjoy the journey.

The only limits we have are the ones we believe exist.

Sint Katelijnevest 14, 2000 Antwerpen.
  • Book an appointment to discuss and design a custom made piece in our atelier. Get to understand jewelery design and make a unique piece.
  • Tarot reading has been an occult practice while for many years this has been a way to reflect about our context and situation in which we find ourselves. Reflecting with Archetypes and analysing situations from a different perspective with a right dose of positive Neurological language programming can do wonders.